"Traversing A Different World", our exhibition of new works by Eileen Weitzman, opened this Friday evening at the kickoff for the Fall gallery season in Brooklyn. This show includes paintings, sculpture, and works on paper created during the past year. The exhibition will be on display through October 29.

Curatorial Statement-

It is rare to find an artist whose work is so instantly accessible and at the same time as enigmatic as Eileen Weitzman. She is seeking to speak truth to an overwhelming societal voice of unreason and discord, holding public figures and popular culture accountable to her conscience, and herself accountable to the impulses of creativity. But she is also imagining that things can get better than they are, and that may be what immediately strikes the observer

While not always immediately apparent, the conceptual elements do eventually reveal themselves to the patient viewer. Her titles act as a primer or legend to help the viewers along, but still leave room for alternative interpretations. 

Weitzman incorporates all manner of materials into her paintings and sculptures that encode them with layers of meaning, making the art function almost as a talisman or perhaps a meditation. Each is crafted with deliberate intent, but develop organically, revealing themselves to her during the making process.

Her paintings, sculptures, and works on paper are undoubtedly political in nature, but still manage to welcome audiences of all persuasions through explosions of fanciful color, dynamic composition, and a sophisticated use of textures that do not require philosophical agreement to appreciate aesthetically, and are as instantly familiar as they are unexpected.