We were just in St. Louis, exhibiting at the 11th annual Fine Print, Rare Book and Paper Art Fair at UMSL's Mercantile Library. While there, we were able to catch up with the latest happenings around town. 

The first thing many visitors interested in art ask is "where is the arts district?" So many cities have single a neighborhood where galleries and artist's studios are concentrated, However, St. Louis is different. From Downtown to the Central West End, and from Cherokee Street to North St. Louis, art is everywhere, you just have to seek it out. It is a city of neighborhoods, each of which has hidden gems, and distinct flavors. Some of our favorite galleries are Duane Reed Gallery, and the not-for-profit Art St. Louis. And of course, if you need any art services, John Martin at Creative Art Services is the man to talk to in town.

It was also really fun to see a number of St. Louis based galleries and organizations participating in the Fine Print, Rare Book, and Paper Art fair, such as Kodner Gallery, and Firecracker Press. And we were not the only New York gallery exhibiting, as we got to meet with Susan Teller Gallery, which specializes in works on paper by some of the most notable post war artists.

In addition to the local gallery scene, be sure to build in time for the St. Louis Art Museum which has one of the most important collections of Max Beckman paintings in the world, the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis, which features exhibits from some of the most challenging living artists from around the world, the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, Laumeier Sculpture Park, and CityGarden, a remarkable outdoor sculpture park in the heart of downtown.

Finally, We would like to thank you to all of the people who came out to the fair and met us at our booth.