We had an amazing opening reception for Seren Morey's new exhibition on Friday, March 17. Her show, "Chlorophelia: Works by Seren Morey" will be on display through May 7.

“Chlorophelia: Works by Seren Morey” is a celebration of the natural world at every level. Drawing on investigations from the microscopic to the astronomic, Morey finds the connections to all life and then reimagines that which the physical laws of our universe have yielded. Her work challenges us to look beyond the literal to the magical contained within everything that surrounds us.

As if to portray some new life forms, Morey’s artworks establish themselves in a niche between two worlds, highly organic and simultaneously imagined and manufactured. They are as recognizable as a garden and as alien as any science fiction fantasy.

Beneath the surface of her practice, she is also considering the means by which emotions can reorganize the neurological pathways of the human brain as they evolve into highways of continuity, and an awareness of human consciousness’ place within the wider universe. 

That her materials are the product of industrial processes further grounds her works in that same philosophy of continuity between all things in the cosmos. She uses a proprietary medium called Ultralight, invented by her business partner, Art Guerra, which is an acrylic media impregnated with microscopic glass balloons, as well as dispersion pigments and glass spheres to render these otherworldly but familiar paintings.

View works from the exhibition here: http://www.anthonyphilipfineart.com/shop-current-seren-morey/