We had a wonderful opening reception for our new exhibit, "The Hidden Nature Of Things" on November 4th. Here are some images from the party. The exhibit will be on view during regular hours and by appointment through December 23th.

“The Hidden Nature of Things” is an attempt to see the re-merging of humanity with the natural world, and to gain a greater understanding of the universe through the devices of our intellect. In this exhibit, Brooklyn based artist Cair Crawford merges the intuitive and the rational, the spiritual and the concrete, to draw us into the unknown.

Crawford’s paintings follow an esoteric path to insight and universality, engaging in an almost shamanistic practice that is one part meditation and one part storytelling. The nature of her stories are open for the viewer to superimpose their own personal narratives, however she has created a concrete visual symbology through the repetition and variation of line to facilitate that engagement. Using serial actions and tangential arcs, she provides definition and form to the indescribable.

Approximating the size of pages in a musical score, each work is a document of subtle variations in tempo, pitch, and volume during the creative process. Much as a performer interprets a score, the viewer is engaged aesthetically and then begins to contribute through the superimposition of their own conscience. 

Her materials are as ephemeral as the narratives. She uses canvas, paint, tapes and fasteners to construct symbols that we are then asked to give meaning to. Their intrinsic value and purpose as mundane objects are stripped away and replaced with higher meaning as integral parts of the whole work. 

Crawford appeals to aesthetic concerns by the creation of well balanced and visually stimulating pieces, but is still able to challenge us to dig deeper into the art and ourselves to understand what story these works could tell.